Since they bought their tickets pretty late, only the second class seat was left, but it was good that the tickets were bought together, so the two of them were seated next to each other, 12A and 12B.

    A would be against the window, and Lu Yuanyuan stepped aside to let him in, “It won’t be as noisy if you sit inside.

That way you can catch up on sleep.”

    “…” Su Lin was a little surprised.

    But he really needed to sleep, so he said okay, and went into the innermost seat.

    The S City station was the first station, waiting twenty minutes for the passengers to get on, so they were the first to get on the train.

After their stop, a lot of people came on in succession, looking for seats.

With the sound of children crying, the clamor was getting louder and louder.

    Lu Yuanyuan was a little worried for him.

    She turned her head and asked, “Senior, did you bring your headphones”

    “Brought them.”

    After saying that, Su Lin fished out from the side pocket of his black bag a pair of white earbuds.

After untangling them, he put one in his ear, and said to her: “If something happens, call me.”

    “Okay, sleep.”

    After another five minutes, Lu Yuanyuan was playing with her phone, and she felt the person next to her breathing get more and more rhythmic.

    She peeked several times, but because the baseball cap covered three-quarters of his face, she could only see his chiseled jaw and tightly pursed lips.

    He should be asleep.

    Lu Yuanyuan peeked again, and when she turned her head back, there was a girl in front of her, bending over, her face very close to hers.

    With a face suddenly appearing in her field of vision, she was startled and jumped violently on the seat.

    Seeing that she reacted so strongly, the girl seemed a little embarrassed and smiled, “Sorry, sorry! Did I scare you”

    Lu Yuanyuan calmed her breathing and returned the smile, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

    “Here’s the thing,” the girl held the ticket in her hand and showed it to her, “My ticket is 12C, right next to you.”


    “He’s my boyfriend, his ticket is in 12D, in the aisle across from me,” the girl pointed to the tall boy standing next to her and smiled again, “I’d like to sit with him.

I’m wondering if I could ask you to switch seats with him”


    Lu Yuanyuan glanced at 12D.

    The second class carriage of the moving train was arranged in the order of ABC on one side, DEF on the other, and the middle aisle for everyone to walk around.

    They were separated by the aisle.

    If she were on her own, she would have switched.

    But she wasn’t.

    And if she went, she and Su Lin would also be separated.

    She felt that she… didn’t want to be separated from him…

    Lu Yuanyuan looked back at the person who hadn’t moved.

Her heart was racing, and her palms were a little sweaty.

    How about… it was okay to tell a little lie, right

    Anyway, he was asleep and couldn’t hear what she said.

    Su Lin actually hadn’t fallen asleep.

    His headphones didn’t go in his ear, and pretty much didn’t block out any noise at all, but close his eyes also helped him rest a little.

    He had felt it when Lu Yuanyuan suddenly jumped up.

    Then he took off his right earbud and heard their entire conversation.

    He sighed in his heart.

    Lu Yuanyuan, the kind Samaritan that she was, would certainly and willingly give up her seat to the sweetheart that was torn apart by their seating arrangement-

    A familiar voice sounded, “Um, sorry…”

    Hm Sorry

    She actually refused

    He concentrated on distinguishing her voice from the pile of clamor.

    After a few seconds, the soft little voice was caught by him again.

    –“I’m sitting with my boyfriend, so I can’t switch with you.”